We Need to Be Ambassadors of Our Message

When I think about the big conflicts that are happening around the world and try to picture how can we all agree on the best way to handle them, it very hard to think of the exact way to do it. I love discussions; I find exciting to listen to someone else speak about what they believe would be best, but I don’t like aggressiveness and I don’t think by yelling or forcing someone to do what you think is best you are going to convince them. So, when is it enough just to talk and when is it ok to be more aggressive in order to get your point across? Because I think is hard when you are talking to somebody that just listens to respond and not to understand. How can you win or both sides can win if any of the people involved aren’t willing to just try to understand one another? And I just think that you never get your way just like you thought because in order to make everybody happy all the people involved have to be willing to compromise something, and keep in mind the general goal that would be the wellbeing of everybody involved. We have to try to not be so easily offended and not take things personal in order to try to remind neutral; we have to try to be kind and gentle even in the most extreme situations so we can teach with our behavior and not only with words. We have to be the ambassadors of our message of love, understanding, empathy, respect and kindness.


Hard Times, Big Opportunities to Grow 

The month of February was a hard one. Physically I didn’t feel good, and in consequence my mind and spirit also were in a low energy. I went to doctors they told me everything was fine; also I had to have a tooth remove so I no yoga or exercise for me. While I was trying to keep living my life the same way. Then last week I realize that since I started working at the yoga studio since I go to classes there and they are pretty long I didn’t do my home practice that included headstands and strength drills everyday and I stopped doing yoga challenges on Instagram because to certain level I felt kind of not a real yogini if I did them. So I started doing those things, I am going to start participating in a yoga challenge and I have a week doing my home practice incorporating things I have learned, and let me tell you I am feeling way better. What I learned was that I need to be more confident in my convections and intuition, I think my body was telling me to go back to what I really enjoy. I also learned that I can be pretty tough with myself, that this time was really hard on me I felt pretty bad about the whole situation; I need to have more compassion with myself and also accept that not always I am going to be happy and bright and the my body sometimes works perfectly and others not as much and that is fine. 🌺🌸

New Learning Expirience 

Lately I have been soul searching, looking for inspiration, creativity and passion. Since when I started to practice yoga it was not possible for me to afford a studio, all I have learned has been online. Recently I had the opportunity to work in a yoga studio so I get to go to class and I really like it; and with this new experience comes new people into my life with their ways of seeing the practice and what is suppose to be yoga and what not. What I have learned is to stay true to myself and what I want and like. I recommend to start the practice with a teacher but in my case it wasn’t possible but I have always been really interested in learning the correct form to avoid injuries and that has kept me save so far. I encourage you to practice how it is possible to you. Yoga is defenitly a life changing practice to a more calmer, peaceful, loving, kinder, respectful you with yourself and others. Working in the studio and practicing with them have enriched my life and my practice in so many ways. Namaste 🌼 ( I was trying titibhasana with the strap)

Why did my soul decided to be with yours?

I often asked myself that, and today when I was meditating the answer came to me and it was simply because I was broken and I wanted to be better, and with that in mind I found you. Turns out it has been one experience that has enriched and keeps enriching my life. Definitely one growths through relationships of any type, you just have to be open to what are they showing you and you will see that all comes together, the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly; everything and everyone that come into your life is working for you, for your growth for your wellbeing even if right now you don’t see be patient and pay attention and you will realize that the universe or God works that way just for YOU to find your happiness, your purpose, yourself and love it all!!

Something New to The Table

Sometimes exploring this world of blogging and social media I wonder if I really have something valuable to add that someone else hasn’t already done it, but really looking at others and myself I see that I am not inspire by just one person, my growth have been influence by many people not only people that I follow on social media but also everyday people that I meet on the street. So, yes there is always that you, me and all can bring to the table to make it colourful and full of varietywhich is the purpose of interacting with many different people. In this note I am planning to start a YouTube channel to share my experience about yoga, nutrition and also share products that I like. I hope I can bring something new to your life and also mine since this is going to be also a learning experience for me. 
Funky Side Crow

Moving From Home

My fiancé lives in Montreal, so I have been making the transition for a year now. We are both from Venezuela, so it has been a roller coaster. I love the city and everything that has offered me, the parks, the people, the language, the food, the culture, everything is fascinating but like every transition has other aspects the missing of family and friends, and all the familiar things we were used to. Our jobs and the lifestyle we were use to having. It has been a soul searching period in order to have faith and believe we are going to make it in a different country and at our age, it has been hard, very hard at times. It has helped me to realize that I don’t want to keep doing the same as a professional, I have discovered my passion for yoga and nutrition, it has made me look at myself in ways a had never knew, I am more aware of what I think, say and do to myself and others and I am thankful for that. I am still trying to figure out how can I do what I want and live the life I want, with everything the health, the exercise, the free time, the family and the income I want. There is always light even in the darkest moments when you think you will not see the end, so I do have faith that I will figure it out 🙏🏽

Baby Crow / Baby Bakasana

You Can Change

I am doing a meditation challenge and today’s quote really got me thinking “we first make our habits, and then our habits make us” John Dryden. This is so true, sometimes we think we can’t change because we are used to certain habits but it turns out that if we really want we can change them and that will totally change our life, will change the way we see ourself and others and the world. So what ever you want to do, you can do for sure when you change your habits 👏🏽🙏🏽💙

Goddess Pose / Utkata Konasana