We Need to Be Ambassadors of Our Message

When I think about the big conflicts that are happening around the world and try to picture how can we all agree on the best way to handle them, it very hard to think of the exact way to do it. I love discussions; I find exciting to listen to someone else speak about what they believe would be best, but I don’t like aggressiveness and I don’t think by yelling or forcing someone to do what you think is best you are going to convince them. So, when is it enough just to talk and when is it ok to be more aggressive in order to get your point across? Because I think is hard when you are talking to somebody that just listens to respond and not to understand. How can you win or both sides can win if any of the people involved aren’t willing to just try to understand one another? And I just think that you never get your way just like you thought because in order to make everybody happy all the people involved have to be willing to compromise something, and keep in mind the general goal that would be the wellbeing of everybody involved. We have to try to not be so easily offended and not take things personal in order to try to remind neutral; we have to try to be kind and gentle even in the most extreme situations so we can teach with our behavior and not only with words. We have to be the ambassadors of our message of love, understanding, empathy, respect and kindness.