New Learning Expirience 

Lately I have been soul searching, looking for inspiration, creativity and passion. Since when I started to practice yoga it was not possible for me to afford a studio, all I have learned has been online. Recently I had the opportunity to work in a yoga studio so I get to go to class and I really like it; and with this new experience comes new people into my life with their ways of seeing the practice and what is suppose to be yoga and what not. What I have learned is to stay true to myself and what I want and like. I recommend to start the practice with a teacher but in my case it wasn’t possible but I have always been really interested in learning the correct form to avoid injuries and that has kept me save so far. I encourage you to practice how it is possible to you. Yoga is defenitly a life changing practice to a more calmer, peaceful, loving, kinder, respectful you with yourself and others. Working in the studio and practicing with them have enriched my life and my practice in so many ways. Namaste 🌼 ( I was trying titibhasana with the strap)


My Yoga Practice Keeps Me Sane

Sometimes I feel so overwhelm with problems. I wonder am I going to see the ending of this situation? My practice is one of the things that keeps me sane, keeps me in the present moment. I know I am lucky I have so much more than other people, I just try to breath and ask for a solution.

Hand to Big Toe / Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana


Life and God are so good, really at least to me. Yesterday when I was in mass and I was kneeling giving thanks I could feel next to me my partner and I was so full of gratitude for having him in my life such a good man. Not only that but also the last three years have been so far from what I planned full of unexpected things that had taught me so much, that have made me change the course of my life, to a more peaceful and conscious life, full of faith

Inverted Tip Top Bow Pose / Viparita Prapada Dhanurasana