Hard Times, Big Opportunities to Grow 

The month of February was a hard one. Physically I didn’t feel good, and in consequence my mind and spirit also were in a low energy. I went to doctors they told me everything was fine; also I had to have a tooth remove so I no yoga or exercise for me. While I was trying to keep living my life the same way. Then last week I realize that since I started working at the yoga studio since I go to classes there and they are pretty long I didn’t do my home practice that included headstands and strength drills everyday and I stopped doing yoga challenges on Instagram because to certain level I felt kind of not a real yogini if I did them. So I started doing those things, I am going to start participating in a yoga challenge and I have a week doing my home practice incorporating things I have learned, and let me tell you I am feeling way better. What I learned was that I need to be more confident in my convections and intuition, I think my body was telling me to go back to what I really enjoy. I also learned that I can be pretty tough with myself, that this time was really hard on me I felt pretty bad about the whole situation; I need to have more compassion with myself and also accept that not always I am going to be happy and bright and the my body sometimes works perfectly and others not as much and that is fine. 🌺🌸