Ask For Guidance 

Always ask for the guidance of the higher power since you come from him and he wants you to be happy. In times when I feel lost I always ask for guidance to be more emphatic, compassionate, loving, hopeful and helpful. It is important to try to improve yourself always, there is no breaks when you work to be better to yourself and others. For sure you will receive the answer in the people you meet or a book you read, you just have to be open to the guidance 🙏🏽💕

Camel / Ustrasana


Unexpected View

This trip has been full of new experiences for me, and it is unbelievable since I am where my family lives and I have been here many times before. There was no internet for a while so I really enjoy my time reading and sharing with my parents, I also have been spending more time with both of my grandmothers and helping taking care of them. Which have make me feel more human, more emphatic with a deep respect, love and compassion for older people, very wise souls. I am very thankful to be able to see with new eyes this experience 🙏🏽

Shoulder stand / Sarvangasana